KidKare Guidelines

  • Age Requirements: Minimum 12 months and walking through age 7.
  • Time Limit: Parents or Legal Guardians may utilize our childcare facility for their children for a total no more than 2 hours per day. While using childcare, parents must remain inside the facility at all times.
  • Waiting List: In order to maintain a child to staff ratio of 7 to 1, we may need to start a waiting list during peak periods. Additional children will be admitted to childcare as openings become available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause (depending on ages in attendance we may accept up to 10 children per staff).
  • Sign-in: Parents are required to sign children in and out at each visit. Unless other arrangements are made, children will only be released to the parent/legal guardian listed on the sign-in sheet.
  • Food/Drink: Bottles and nonspilling sippy cups are allowed, please label them.
  • Comfort: Occasionally, children have a hard time adjusting to being away from a parent. The staff will attempt to comfort the child for a maximum of ten minutes; if this does not work parents will be notified.
  • Diapering: We are not responsible for the child being changed, the parent will be asked to attend to that need.
  • Healthy Environment: Please keep your child at home if he/she:
    • Has or has had a fever within the last 24 hours
    • Has thrown up within the last 24 hours
    • Is taking an antibiotic
    • Has a cold that is less than four days old
    • Has heavy nasal discharge and/or a constant cough
    • Is fussy, cranky, and generally out of sorts
    • Is just tired. Rest at such times may prevent the development of a serious illness
    • Has any communicable disease symptom (these are usually sniffles, reddened eyes, sore throat, headache, and abdominal pain plus a fever)
  • Discipline: We will use time-out as needed. We reserve the right to have parents pick up their children for disciplinary reasons.
  • Payment: Pay a drop-in fee at the front desk (please give KidKare staff yellow card) or swipe your membership/punch pass in the KidKare room.

News & Happenings

Please join us in Celebrating the 4th of July at Two Rivers Park from 5 - 10pm

Calling all 3 - 6 year olds...Wear your swimming suit for this wet and wild day of water fun.