Room Rental Guidlines


· The requesting individual representative is of legal age (18).

· The requesting individual or organization granted use (and those granted access to the property or facility) will abide by all policies, rules, ordinances and regulations of the City of Glenwood Springs, specifically including those regarding the use of City property or facilities and the conduct of persons in or on City property or facilities, whether now or hereafter adopted.

· Evening events must be completed by Community Center’s set closing time. For pre-approved late night events 11 pm shut down, clean-up and everyone out by midnight. For every hour your event goes beyond 12:00 a.m. you will be charged $350.00 p/hr and charged at 1 hour increments. These charges will be taken out of your deposit.

· The Community Center does not provide utensils, cups, plates, etc.

· Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children.  Please monitor their behavior at all times.

· The Glenwood Springs Recreation Department reserves the right to use photographs and images of anyone in any activity, park, special event, or public place in present or future publications. We reserve the right to refuse anyone privileges of taping or photographing events.



· Alcohol is limited to beer and wine only, NO exceptions. It is only permitted for a maximum of four (4) consecutive hours and cannot be served past 10:30 p.m. Cash bars are not allowed unless renter has obtained a City Permit to sell alcohol.

· If your event is non-alcohol and alcohol is present or being consumed, you will be charged $250.00 from the damage deposit and this could result in your event being immediately shut down at the discretion of the event staff.

· Alcohol may not be taken outside of the Community Rooms/Patio/Ice Rink to any outside areas. Alcohol must be confined in the rented facility.

· Under no circumstances will alcohol be served to or consumed by anyone under 21 years of age. Alcohol cannot be served by anyone under the age of  21 years of age. You  must adhere to all state and local laws concerning alcohol use. Failure to abide by state and local laws concerning alcohol use, and the above restrictions,  will result in your event being immediately shut down and losing full amount of deposit.  The police will be notified and dispatched to the premise.



The Community Center will assess charges for any violations of the rental contract, and fines will be taken out of the deposit. Violations will be assessed for:

· Attendance in excess of # attending specified on agreement $200.00.

· Refusal to abide with closing time regulations $350.00 p/hr and charged at 1 hour increments.

· Refusal to abide by amplified music levels $100.00.

· Refusal to abide by cleanup policies $25.00 p/hr per staff required.

· Glass containers present $100.00

· The renter must pay for all damages to the facility, even if the damages exceed the refundable security deposit.


If the event is cancelled by renter/lessee, a $25.00 cancellation fee to cover cost of processing will apply before refund or deposit will be issued. If the event is cancelled less than (14) business days prior to the event, 25% of the total room rental fees will be charged & will be deducted by the City to cover the cost of processing and lack of availability of facility to others before the refund and deposit are issued. If the event is cancelled (7) business days prior to the event, ALL room rental fees will be charged before the deposit will be refunded. Deposit refunds, if any, will be mailed (10) business days after event. Reservations for Large Event groups of 100+ may be made up to 12 months in advance. Major Special Events may be reserved beyond 12 months with approval of the City Manager or Director of Parks and Recreation. If applicant cancels prior to 6 months before date of event, a $100.00 administrative charge will be assessed for processing.  If applicant cancels 180 days prior to event they will forfeit rental fee or $1000.00 whichever is less.




News & Happenings

The Community Center will be having periodic closures over the next few months in order to complete some much needed maintenance projects. Here is what to expect coming up…

During the month of October, parts of our Aquatic Center will be intermittently under construction. Once finished, guests can expect a smooth floor in the Activity pool and a clean and slip-resistant deck all around.