Park Guidelines

  1. Crowd must be orderly
  2. No amplified music that may disrupt other park users or surrounding residents.
  3. User is responsible for ensuring the area is cleaned at the completion of the activity.
  4. Vehicles are not allowed on the grass or walkways and must park in designated areas.
  5. Alcohol cannot be sold without a proper liquor license. Alcohol is limited to beer and wine, no exception and is only permitted for a maximum of four (4) consecutive hours. All alcohol consumption shall be confined within the immediate premises of the leased facility specified on the rental agreement or grassed areas only. Under no circumstances will alcohol be served to or consumed by anyone less than 21 years of age. Failure to abide by all laws concerning alcohol and the above restriction will result in your event being immediately shut down. The police will be notified and dispatched.
  6. Glass bottles or containers are prohibited for any reason in park lands.
  7. No person shall use any park for business purposes. No business of any kind shall be carried on except those that are approved or permitted by City Council.
  8. Refund checks will not be offered for any reason. Users can re-schedule shelter rental with no penalty. In extreme extenuating circumstances, refunds will be assessed a charge of 25% of the total event fees.
  9. Special Event Permits shall be obtained for rental groups exceeding 75 persons.
  10. Shelter permits shall guarantee exclusive use of the respective shelter, not the entire park.
  11. The City reserves the right at any time to enter onto the park premises to review user actions and/or for any other reasonable purpose.
  12. User shall release the City from any liability and holding the City of Glenwood Springs harmless from any claims resulting from leased premises during the term of use.
  13. User has inspected the premises and agrees to accept premises in such condition at the time of the use.
  14. Fires, except within designated fireplaces or grills are prohibited.
  15. Tents, booths, or any other objects may not be placed without obtaining permission first.
  16. User understands that damages to park facilities and property or not abiding by these above conditions, is cause for cancelation or withdrawal of any future permits and restitution of damages.

News & Happenings

A group of several individuals representing former soccer players, parents of former soccer players, the Def

The following classes have been cancelled...
April 13 4:00pm Indoor Cycling

KidKamp Parent packets can be found here.  Registration for full summer starts March 13.

We will be CLOSED Easter Sunday April 16. Please call 384-6301 with any questions.