Memorial Policies

Cities play an important role in commemorating people, history, and ideas central to a society’s sense of identity and value. The purpose of the Glenwood Springs Memorial Policy is to establish guidelines for the consistent decision-making process related to the acceptance, placement, and long-term maintenance of public requests for memorial donations in City-owned facilities, parks, natural areas and trail systems.

Types of Memorials

The City will maintain a list of available memorial items along with appropriate locations.  The most frequent requests are benches and trees; however, the City may add additional items of need to the parks and trail system or that may appeal to differing donors.

Costs of Memorial Items

The cost of participating in the Park Memorial Program will be specific to the item selected.  The City will calculate a cost that encompasses the cost of the item, site preparation and installation costs along with a reasonable maintenance cost. The City will price the items to cover costs only, this is not a proposed revenue stream.

How Donors Are Recognized

For each memorial item donors receive a 6” x 9” bronze plaque that allows up to 60 characters and a maximum of three lines.  Messages are recommended to say “In Memory of (name), In Honor of (name), or Dedicated to (name)” followed by a date or event. Inscriptions are subject to approval by the City.  The plaque will be placed on the memorial item or in the ground near the item, flush with the level of the ground.

Approval Criteria

The Glenwood Springs Parks and Recreation Department may limit memorials to promote resource management and sustainability of natural landscapes. The integrity, natural and architectural features of parks, natural areas and facilities will be preserved and not detract from a user’s experience. Design specifications will be compatible with existing management and operations plans. Final decision on the placement of memorials will be made by the Parks and Recreation Department. Memorials cannot have a commercial appearance or corporate label.