Public Art Map

Public art can be found throughout Glenwood Springs. This is a selection of some of the public art around downtown Glenwood with even more for you to discover and enjoy.

1 - "Tubing the Colorado", Artist: Madeline Wiener, Medium: Colorado Marble

2 - "Possession", Artist: Charlie Beyer and Terry Muldoon, Medium: Steel

3 - "Storm King Fourteen", Sculpture Artist: Joyce Killebrew, Medium: Bronze, Plaque Artist: Stone Imagery

4 - "Dancing Moon VI", Artist: Reven Marie Swanson, Medium: Steel and Fused Glass

5 - "Aspens", Artist: Reven Marie Swanson, Medium: Powder Coated Steel

6 - "Flowers", Artist: Christopher Weed, Medium: Powder Coated Steel

7 - "Merkaba Dura", Artist: Joe Burleigh, Medium: Steel with Rust Patina

8 - "Beaver", Artist: Cynthia Fenster, Medium: Bronze and Stainless Steel

9 - "Horses", Artist: Noemi Kosmowski, Medium: Mural

10 - "Glenwood Canyon", Artist: Mary Noone, Medium: Mural

Map of Public Art installation locations in downtown Glenwood Springs