Trail Dates & Closures

Updated May 1, 2023: Due to additional mud activity, portions of the West Midland Trailhead, Wulfsohn Trail North, Defiance Trail, and Stevie Bob Trail are closed. Other sections of trail can still be accessed from the Community Center or the west Glenwood RFTA park and ride. 

Tramway Trail is opened up to the point where it intersects the Lightning Bug Trail. The Upper Trailhead and upper portions of Tramway and Lighting Bug remained closed until further notice due to unstable soil conditions. Trail users can access the Tramway Trail at either the lower trailhead, close to the Archery Range, or at the midpoint near the landfill entrance. 

Trail users are advised to avoid the Jeanne Golay Trail (Red Mountain Trail) and Grandstaff Trail.

Remember - Ride Dirt, not Mud.


  • Sky Mountain Park, North Rim, Seven Star: Seasonal wildlife closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through May 15
  • Rio Grande Trail: Rock Bottom Ranch to Catherine Store segment is seasonally closed for all users Dec. 1 – April 30.
  • Glassier Open Space: Seasonal closure in effect for all users Dec. 1 through April 30. – Please note: Glassier OS is closed after dark per the adopted management plan; plan your night rides to start up the hill at dusk so you can finish on Buckhorn and the Rio Grande with your lights turned on.
  • Crown / Prince Creek / Vasten / Buckhorn: Seasonal closure in effect for bikes on most Crown BLM land Dec. 1 through April 15.  An exception to this closure allows for bikes (fat bikes!) on lower Prince Creek trails (South Porcupine Ditch and below).
  • Red Hill: Elk Traverse + north side trails seasonal closure for all users is Dec. 1 through April 15.
  • Lorax Trail: Seasonal closure for bikes on Lorax area BLM routes Dec. 1 through April 15.
  • South Canyon: Upper and Lower Coal Camp trail seasonal closure for all users is Dec. 1 through May 1.
  • New Castle: Seasonal closure for bikes on  BLM routes north of N.C., Dec. 1 through April 15


  • Aspen Fat Bike Loop: Includes portions of the Aspen Golf Course, Marolt Open Space and Maroon Creek Trail linking the ARC to the Aspen Golf Course.
  • Rio Grande Trail: Full trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs (Except for the two mile section between Rock Bottom Ranch and Catherine Store)
  • Red Hill: All “front side” trails south of Elk Traverse.
  • Prince Creek Below North Porcupine:  Prince Creek Climbing Trail, Monte Carlo, Christmas Tree, Lower FOG.
  • Wulfsohn Mtn Park: Stevie Bob, Upper and Lower Wulfsohn, Defiance, Vanderhoofin’ It,
  • Grandstaff Trail: Access by riding up Red Mountain Road in Glenwood Springs.
  • South Canyon: Tramway and Lightning Bug
  • Lower New Castle Trails: Prendergast Hill, Medaris, Pub View, Colorow Flow Trails, Salty Dalty & Jolley Trails

*Conditions Permitting

Other resources for Trail closures & updates:
  • US Forest Service site for special alerts and notices regarding trail and road closures. Click the link for the Rifle Ranger District, which contained to most up-to-date information for weather and road/trail conditions.
  • Aspen Trail Finder winter trails.
  • Aspen Trail Finder trail conditions.