Water Smart Landscaping

With the drought our region is experiencing, the associated watering restrictions, and the knowledge that we need to change our perspective on our irrigated areas, the City of Glenwood Springs Park’s Department has embarked on a plan to reduce our water use.

What are we doing to reduce water use in parks?

  • Creating water budgets and comparing actual metered consumption against the legitimate outdoor water needs based on the landscape area.
  • Following best practices and least-cost IRP (integrated resource planning) to help reduce water consumption. 
    • Only irrigating our turf areas and garden beds when necessary instead of "golf course watering".
    • Reducing evapotranspiration loss by watering at night instead of during the heat of the day.
  • Setting standards that must be met for landscaping design that utilize low-water and drought tolerant species.
  • Replacing traditional bluegrass turf with native grasses and xeric plants when construction disturbance provides the opportunity for a "scape-over". 
    • Veltus Park demonstration garden (to be completed summer of 2023)

What can you do to reduce water use in your own yard?

Water Smart Landscaping Plants