Glenwood Springs Parks and Recreation Staff


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Guest, Services Guest Services Staff 970-384-6301  
Tarullo, Rod Director of Parks and Recreation 970-384-6315  
Moser, Karstin Parks and Recreation Administrator 970-384-6305  
Durham, Ethan Facilities Superintendent 970-384-6317  
Roper, Dan Parks Superintendent 970-384-6366  
Newton, Cristi Community Center Manager 970-384-6316  
Frederick, Steve Recreation Manager 970-384-6311  
Castaneda, Missy Guest Services Supervisor 970-385-6301  
Bishop, Dani Rental Coordinator 970-384-6310  
Volk, John Aquatics Supervisor 970-384-6303  
Lindenberg, Tiffany Fitness and Wellness Supervisor 970-384-6314  
Adams, Nick Athletics Supervisor 970-384-6318  
Henninger, Annie Arts Supervisor 970-384-6323  
Van Wyk, Joe Marketing Coordinator 970-384-6322  
Smith, Chad Trails and Open Space Supervisor 970-384-6327  
Listermann, Heather Downtown Parks and Public Spaces Supervisor 970-384-6367  
Benson, Troy Community Center Maintenance and Ice Rink Supervisor 970-384-6304  
Fabijanic, Laine Community and Therapeutic Recreation Supervisor 970-384-6325